Happy Anti-snoring mouthpiece customer

Scott Shade, Spokane, WA

Why would you pay over $100 for a simple piece of soft plastic that looks like it cost a dollar to make???? BECAUSE IT WORKS!!! There are many products out there that are more complicated and exotic looking and cost even more. But none of them address the position of the tongue. Snoring is from restricted air flow vibrating the soft tissue in the oropharynx. The big, floppy tongue, especially when supine, narrows the passage. Devices that move the jaw forward don’t move the tongue forward; it still flops backward. This design addresses that crucial issue in a simple, elegant way. It was never uncomfortable to use no matter how odd it appears. Not only does my wife now sleep better (and in the same room again) but so do I. I never realized how much snoring was interrupting my sleep. With the return policy on this product, what have you got to lose except another night of poor sleep. Try this FIRST.

Another happy anti-snoring mouthpiece customer

Bob Longo, USA

This is the third snoring device I have tried. The first two hurt my jaw by putting it in awkward positions and kept falling out. The Good Morning Snore Solution worked the very first night and my wife and I are very pleased with it. It fits very easily and was a breeze to get used to. Thanks for a great product!

Happy Good Morning Snore Solution customer

Dan Geddes, Southern California

I have tried the jaw thrust type mouthpieces but they leave my jaw and lower front teeth very sore. Out of desperation, I began searching for alternatives and shazaaaam! I found your little miracle! The true testament of how well this device works is my wife and I now sleep in the same bed! Thank you!

Yet Another Happy Good Morning Snore Solution customer

Kathleen Glaze, New Hampshire

I have tried so many products…drops, mouth pieces, head band types and none of them worked. I did some research online and came upon a site that mentioned your device. I thought I’ve tried everything else under the sun why not give this a try and within 3 days (once I got the hang of fitting it correctly on my tongue) my snoring was gone. It really is comfortable and I dont even realize its there. I recorded myself thru the night (as I am single) and then played the tape for my cousin who travels with me and complains about my snoring. I said, do you hear that? She says, no, I hear nothing…I said, that’s me NOT SNORING!!!! She was shocked. This means on our trip next year to Sicily, we dont need separate rooms. Thank you so much. P.S. I travel alot with friends and this will make it easier to share rooms.

Custoemr who is very happy with his anti-snoring mouthpiece

Andrew Camarena, Fremont, California

Using the Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece has made such a difference in my sleep, but most of all my snoring. I have had an issue with snoring for a while. From what my wife has told me it was so bad at times that she would shake me to wake me up in hopes that my snoring would stop. But, once I got comfortable the snoring would begin again. I tried so many different types of pillows and even sleeping upright but nothing helped. I thought that it was no use and that eventually I would need a breathing machine to keep me from snoring. Then one day I read about this Snoring Mouthpiece. I was intrigued but also reluctant if it would truly work. I decided to purchase it and give it a try, plus there was a 30-Day Money back guarantee so I could easily send it back if it didn’t work. Well, I’m pleased to say that after a couple of months of wearing the mouthpiece my snoring has completely stopped! My wife is much happier to say the least and has no need to shake me awake anymore. She says I am completely quiet. There’s even been a few nights where I fell asleep before putting the mouthpiece in and my wife would quickly wake me and ask “Did you put your mouthpiece in? You’re snoring!” Let’s just say I don’t forget to put it in anymore. It works! Give it a try you and your loved ones will sleep much better!

Good Morning Snore Solution

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